Saturday, January 14, 2006

The White Light Song (stardust memories)

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STARDUST SERENADE    #314Infinite love is spreading its wingsAs the Stardust Memories pour down
Upon the billions of souls who
Unknowingly struggle through their
Ho-hum existenceSeeing the pool
Of blood beneath the bleeding statue,
Gives me pause and makes me hesitate
As I ready myself to jump headfirst
Into the Sea of ForgetfulnessI let
My own Stardust memories comfort me
And as the Stardust falls all around me
I listen intently to the sound of a tear drop
As it falls from the eyes of God as He
Infinite love spreads His wings and
Continues to weep over the forgotten
Melodies of the fallen angelsAnd the
Karmic wheel will continue to spin its
Inevitable conclusions as mankind
Will persist upon the slow road back home
Bringing with him all the suffering & pain
Of being aliveAnd the most important
Lesson of all LEARNING TO LOVE

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