Monday, March 20, 2006

we shall overcome (reprise)

we shall overcome (reprise)
Video sent by conkling
this music/video, with it's graphic portrayal of our countries latest war endeavor, is a song about the need for hope of a peaceful future. I recorded the song with just vocals and guitar and at the last second decided to add a cello, which gives the song it's melodramatic appeal...
Some of the footage is taken from a short clip called Fallujah...where the bodies depicted, burned from the inside out with their clothes still intact, resulted from genocide that was employed by us, 'The US armed forces', a now well known fact that is still none the less being openly denied.
Look for 'fallujah' at 'ifilm', it is truly an eye opening little flick you should see...believe me you won't be seeing it anytime soon on netword television...
God Bless You All-
ralph buckley

We shall overcome (reprise)

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