Sunday, July 15, 2007

AUDIO PROPHECY, Ep.#10 - Featuring Ralph Buckley, (conkling)

Thanks for tuning into Audio Prophecy. As always this show is based on The Original Music Database and the video can be found here:

Please Visit and Subscibe to our Featured Artist, Ralph Buckley, (conkling).

Your going to find fantastic musical works from Ralph Buckley by going over to his channel which can be found here:
Some YT music vids by Ralph:
Fuck The War
War and Murder

Visit the Ralph Buckley official websites here:

You can also check him out on MySpace:

He has a few CD's for sale too, and they can be found on his YouTube channel.

Thanks for watching Audio Prophecy!
Intro music by Modern Oracle
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Audio Prophecy 3D Animation / Feature Artist Backdrop and Modern Oracle logo by Janice H. (Copyright, 2007) (less)

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