Friday, November 30, 2007

Death Star

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Life is a work in progress... In the past 18 months I have put out a endless amount of material. Sometimes I wonder if there's such a thing as putting to much out. With the decaying attention span of most websurfers being less then 4 seconds (probably less for u2b surfers) most viewers size up what they like or don't like about you in, as I've said, a matter of seconds. It's like "Yeah, I know that know the dued who did the video with the puppets...etc..." Nonetheless, the main force that 's driving me forward is...that I'm thinking that we are running out of time. "Racing against the clock" they say.
With a long list of songs that are ready to go, I'm still writing everyday. Something new and pertinent always pushes it's way to the front of the list. Then there is a list of songs/videos that have been long forgotten that need to be played again...perhaps with fresh lyrics, or a different look visually. I've always found it fascinating when Dylan takes one of his oldies out of his hat and gives us a new perspective on it, with new lyrics, or a new arrangement. There is nothing that is done. Set in stone. There isn't a piece of music that can't be brought back from oblivion. Music isn't like watching the news. Music needs to be experienced again and again. It doesn't become "old news" or a 'rerun'. It's like my old books and records, I find my way back through them over and over...the collection grows but....there's still much to discover!!!
Butterflies is a song that I did a while back. It was recorded live. It is just an idea that I didn't think much of until someone said that they liked it. The song is far from being done. I like the idea of making it into much more of a rhythmical song. But still, and more importantly, is what the song is saying lyrically. The song deals with that awful moment of the realization that the cataclysmic event is happening. Not necessarily 'Nuclear Armageddon', just living in a war zone. The horrible and sad truth is, this is what the people of Iraq do on a daily, if not hourly, basis. That is to imagine and plan, that this day may be their last, or the last day of their children's and families.
Will I be at the store shopping? Will I be walking down some street, deep in thought? Will I be ready? Ready to meet the source? Is that source within me, right now, waiting for me to look at myself now?

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