Thursday, November 30, 2006

"The Politics of War and Murder" live from hells kitchen-seattle

The Politics of war and murder

Where does one begin, if you haven’t been paying attention to the news- media over the last few weeks, well then let me fill you in: “death, death, civil war, more death…!
Why is bush hanging on to this war…like it’s his own. He’s not fighting it, just what is his agenda? Latest critic: Pulitzer peace prize winner and former president Jimmy Carter has come forward on larry king and said that this war is the biggest blunder in United States history.
Who is Bush answering to? Who’s really pushing the buttons here?
Even the most ignorant supporters of this president have to concede that something is ‘rotten in the states of America’, and if they are still fool enough to jump on board with his ‘stay the course’ campaign then it must be obvious to their peers that their mental capacity is in question.
This isn’t a cutesy little ‘made for tv drama’, the general consensus “if it isn’t happening here, to us, well then it’s not fuckin’ happening” what the fuck is that.
People are being murdered, innocent people and you got to be missing a vital link in your hard drive if you don’t suspect something.
Weapons of mass destruction, 911 commission report, patriot act, oil, just how many congressmen and/or women’s children are busy defending our country?
There are some who are starting to put together the contradictions and lies and are figuring out what’s really going on beneath the surface….and it’s frightening…”population control, martial law, greed, power, money…
It’s always money…….it’s a virus. A bad scenario about the haves and have nots…how much for the tickets to secure a seat in the ‘plush’ fall out shelters, when they decide to follow through with the carefully planned ‘reducing’ of the population. Who gets to be in that ‘secret society’? What would you do to reserve box seat tickets in the fallout shelter for yourself and your family?
Who the fuck knows?
No matter how far you run…
Your always here.
photograph by deborah lattimore

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